Essential Items Every Trucker Should Carry

An emergency is a situation that poses a risk to healthy life. The emergency situation for professional truck drivers may include hurricane, flood, falling objects, snowstorm, wildfire, accidents, road bridge or tunnel failure, truck break down, economic collapse, riots, an act of terrorism, electromagnetic pulse, etc. To encounter such kind of uncertainty, a driver must keep a generic emergency kit intended to help the drivers in all such kinds of distress. Your emergency kit must be equipped with batteries, gloves, a flashlight, a warm hat and socks, one nationally accepted credit card, swiss army knife, multi-functional tool, non-perishable foods, spare pair of underwear and socks, pepper spray, Trucker atlas, Hat and Sunglasses, pain reliever, bandages, clothing that can be changed according to temperature and condition. Window deicer, extra fuses, extra cell phone charger, emergency flares, a small section of the tarp, enough food for two days and protein bars, one gallon of water. Let us outline some of the essential items in detail:

Small Cooler

Small cooler acts as a respite with chilled beverages and protects any perishable food for you. It keeps you worry-free and you do not have to carry multiple bottles in your truck.

Flash Light

Truckers drive on extreme terrains and sometime deep into the wild and you may never know when you would need to step out of your truck. So, carrying a flashlight could always help you at night to venture out of your truck and solve your problems.


Grab that is healthy and portable. Life on the road makes it really hard to eat healthy food. But, there is always an option if you have the drive. Always make a healthier choice, such as granola bar, peanut butter, fruits, and nuts etc.

Hot Pots

A hot pot is essentially available during winter season. You can plug it into the cigarette lighter and can heat up the beverages and liquid-based foods. Your hot pot can keep you awake with fresh coffee during the whole trip.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is always convenient and better than carrying sheets and bedding. A warm sleeping bag helps you a lot in cold weather and acts as an insulator to give you the energy for an early morning.

Extra Money

A couple of hundred bucks are always your companion in case you need to purchase some essential items such as fuel, food, or you have lost your wallet.

Extra pair of Boots

There are many challenges that truck drivers face. They have to drive for a long mile and they do not come out of the truck during the prolonged driving behind the wheel. It naturally predicts a pair of extra pair of boot, in case, their boot encounters a slush pile of muck. You have a terrible time to return with soaked socks and chilled feet. The driver must keep an extra pair of boots handy.


Gloves protect your hands from injury. Winter is long and gloves have its own special requirement. They work as a protective equipment in chilly winter.


Apart from all the tools, truck GPS device plays the most important role for the truck drivers. It helps the drivers to direct the steer in a way that avoids the traffic jams and also ensure they stay on the correct route to reach their destination at a correct time. GPS installed in the truck decreases the chance of getting lost or taking more than anticipated time on the road. If you are a veteran truck driver, then you would never like to miss GPS in your truck.

Pressure relieving cushion

The trucker job required at least 11 hours a day to sit permanently and head on. Pressure relieving cushion can alleviate the stress and discomfort incurred from prolonged sitting behind the wheel.

Extra Medication 

Truck drivers have challenging jobs and too often face a sudden breakdown or accidentally, get caught in the storm. A careful consideration must be given for the medication to carry in your truck always. So having a first aid kit or medications specific to your health could always be helpful to get back on road.

This list gives you something to think about. Most experienced drivers will add more to the list.

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