Spy Tec STI_GL300 Best Car GPS Tracker Review

Spy Tec STI_GL300 is a high-quality product on Amazon with reasonable price. It is equipped with useful features such as real-time location tracking and has a very good battery life. Its sturdy build at an affordable price makes it bestselling and monitoring product with more than 2100 reviews. It has reached beyond expectation in terms of reliability and usability with affordable price. This gadget tells you the location of your target with the device incorporated in the target. Its own tracking system gives you the updates at an equal interval of time to locate the device in a specific area. You can view all these updates on your laptop or mobile to keep you up-to-date about your target whereabouts. You can customize the location interval time and change the frequency of interval accordingly. Spy Tec STI_GL300 is one of the best selling car GPS trackers and had most of the features one required in a car GPS tracker

Product Summary

An accelerometer is embedded in this device to improve the battery life and efficiency of the device. You can easily switch off or on the power with the movement of the tracker.

Geofence is a very cool feature of the product that enables you to pinpoint the specific area within the map. Any GPS device leaves specific ambit, an alarm will trigger to give you the corresponding notification.

SOS button available helps you or your loved one, when one of you two are low on battery.  Between the devices, you can pre-set the connections.

It does not unnecessarily let you spend for the services you do not want to use. Thus, it saves your finance and you can pay only as long as you need to use the tracker. The device is easy to use with a single button on the interface. It is small enough to fit into your pocket. You can also set the device in the trunk of the vehicle.

Its subscription plan is bit high. It does not have a supporting app; therefore, you need to access the web portal for monitoring purpose otherwise you won’t be able to access your child whereabouts. You need to download additional software if you want to see the product working to its full potential.

It is one of the most functional and affordable trackers. It maintains more than two weeks battery life. It is faster with a high-quality build, 3d accelerometer and high-class customer service that makes it prominent in the line-up.

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker are compact that makes it suitable for your pocket and the amount of time the battery takes to recharge is around two weeks. One can easily comprehend as the best choice in case of size and battery. When you hand over it to your children or parents, it assures you that its compact size is not going to affect its usability. Your loved ones can contact you whenever they wish to, or in case of emergency. Equipped with the accelerometer, the tracker uses the GPS signal to locate any position in the specified area. The GPS signal narrows down the search up to 4-meter radius and the 3-D accelerometer tends to reach the target precisely. For pet and people, it works perfectly to give you the exact location all the time.

If it is not available with the cheapest service but it is most powerful to deliver you the by-the-second location information. It is easy to connect to any internet device and gives the consumer proper discretion.

Track anything anywhere

All the aforementioned features make it a perfect choice when you want to track your vehicles, teens, elderly persons, or any valuable asset. You able to track and map your valuable and it keeps you updated in real time. SpyTech GPS website makes you capable to create geofencing to reflect the movement within the fence. You can create a fence of your child’s school and home that will alert you to any unnecessary stoppage. You can geofence your home for your suspected spouse and you will be notified when she leaves the home. You can geofence for your elderly parent to know their whereabouts, in case they wander far away.

It is really a peace of mind with its compact size, battery life. It can be inserted into the backpack, and attached to the belt. You can easily keep a tab of your vehicle with its long-lasting battery life. You need not worry to recharge it frequently or middle of the journey.

You can also be aware when your teen is making an unauthorized trip. You receive the text if your loved ones get a chance to come into any potential danger. Anyone can buy it with full confidence with its customer satisfaction rating.

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