Advantages of Hunting GPS device

Advantages of Hunting GPS Device

A handheld device is for those who take their hiking or hunting trips seriously. Hunters want to feel independent and the handheld devices are equipped with all the technology required. Hunters remain connected to their companions and always have the gadget in their backpack when they prepare for the hunt. A handheld GPS device is considered as an[…]

Best Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Best Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Nobody can deny the convenience provided by the technology. Technology flux has really reshaped the lifestyle and provided an ease that often rules over digital life. Our bikers also come in the same area, whereas bikers have also enhanced their riding experience through a lot of apps which enable the bikers from riding roads to potentially save their[…]

Hiking Gear list

Hiking Gear List: What to bring for a Hike

A hiking best-laid plan is important to stay safe and keep us headed on the trail. For hiking gear, we need to balance weight with safety as we may encounter the situation such as, to be the only one on the trail, to get lost or might be out for an overnight. It is essential to play safe[…]

Garmin GPSMAP 64ST Review.

Garmin GPSMAP 64ST Best Selling Handheld GPS Review

A handheld device is a perfect fit for hiking, geocaching, trekking, and mountaineering because you can easily find your way in poor visibility and keeps you connected with your social network. If you are about to make your mind for a new GPS, Garmin GPSMAP 64st would be the best choice as hiking GPS, hunting GPS and similar[…]

Best Hunting GPS Reviews

7 Best Hunting GPS for Your Hunting Gear List

A handheld GPS device is important to guide you through the wild and assist you in your hunting trips. There are many people who still use a map & compass, even though the timeworn method is convenient for some it had its limitations and many ask themselves “where the heck am I?”. With best hunting GPS device at[…]

Handheld GPS Vs Smartphones

Smartphones GPS Vs Handheld GPS for Outdoor Activities

With GPS on every phone, it is more likely to understand the demand for a dedicated GPS for driving or hiking. There are some cases in which you are easily able to replace your smartphone GPS and you have longer reason to buy a stand-alone GPS unit. We also need to consider best apps, and practices to find[…]

best motorcycle gps

Best Motorcycle GPS Reviews for a Safe Ride (#2 is the most advanced)

Do you know you could do much more than just navigation by using the best motorcycle GPS device? Latest GPS units have become much smarter like your smartphone and could provide a lot of features like hands-free calling, lifetime map, traffic updates, point of interests, adventure routing, route planning and many other features. To explain all of these[…]

GPS vs GLONASS – Which is better?

A group of satellites providing location info is called a constellation. These satellites broadcast the signal to the earth. Receivers calculate the difference in timing of the received signals from various satellites to give the exact location. Signals store the position of broadcasting satellites. GPS is one of the oldest such constellations. It is called global because the[…]

Best Truck GPS Reviews Buying Guide

8 Best Truck GPS Reviews With Buying Guide

Do you know? more than 40% of the cargo is transported by trucks in the United States making truckers as the driving force of the economy. However, the thing about trucks is that they would need proper guiding instruments that help them avoid dangers and navigate through the vast terrains easily. A truck GPS device will make it[…]

best golf gps reviews

10 Best Golf GPS Reviews & Buying Guide

If you love to play golf and want to take your golf skills to a new level, then probably using the best golf GPS could improve your game. Using a golf GPS, you will be able to get accurate distance details. Talking about golf GPS, well there are too many options available in the market. Some are smartphone-sized,[…]