Hiking Gear List: What to bring for a Hike

A hiking best-laid plan is important to stay safe and keep us headed on the trail. For hiking gear, we need to balance weight with safety as we may encounter the situation such as, to be the only one on the trail, to get lost or might be out for an overnight. It is essential to play safe and take extra supplies of food and water, and clothing with multiple layers to encounter both warm and cool on the trail. Let us cover some of the essential hiking gear.


Eating the right food for hiking is actually a big deal. Your body needs the fuel during the journey that requires comprehensive study to enlist the food items on the trail. It is good to break the food habit depending on the season and type of hiking you are planning. Do not stash in your backpack and you should opt for the food that is lightweight and nutrient dense, such as:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Granola
  • Tuna salad
  • Poultry
  • Salmon
  • Meat

Map your meals with what you enjoy and what you need. In the daytime, it is always good to consume the perishable food.

Hydration Systemhydration pack

You have to be fully functional and hydrated during hiking and your body demands at least half-gallon of water a day. Thus, hydration reservoirs have become so much popular among the hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Carrying water is just a very common part of the hiking. These reservoirs offer an easy access to hikers and keep their hands free. Most of the backpacks are hydration system compatible comprising an opening for the tube and a pocket holding water reservoir.


Your dream hiking boots need to match with how and where you hike. Going through all components of the shoes is actually a dizzy challenge for the Mountaineers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Let us outline some of the hiking boots:

  • Hiking Shoes: Flexible midsoles or ultra-light backpackers are better for long-distance hiking.
  • Day Hiking Boots: Day hiking or short backpacking trips includes mid-to-high-cut models.
  • Backpacking boots: High cut design above the ankles to carry heavier loads on trips.


Conditions can turn abruptly during the plan. So, it is critical to select the right clothing as something unexpected can always prolong the journey. You can encounter windy, chilly, or wet and to combat the situation, extra clothing is the right choice to insulate you perfectly. Avoid the clothing that can make you feel miserable such as when cotton gets wet, it takes a long time to dry. Cover your skin to protect it from the cold wind that can cause frostbite. Also Protect your nose, ears, cheeks, fingers, and toes.

Handheld GPS

Most hikers are lost in the wilderness. A situation can become more serious sometimes, and someone can easily succumb when the foul weather hit and take control completely. You would never miss a handheld GPS whenever you venture into the wilderness, especially when you are going out alone on the terrain. Handheld GPS is portable and durable giving the timely, accurate data and information about you through a heavy canopy. They give you the ability to review the path you have traced so far and let you store your location safely for future use. These handheld devices come with batteries that ensure a prolonged life and a peaceful journey for you.


Hiking extends your daily window of time and you hit the trail in the dark offering the new perspective of the scenery and relief from the heat in summer. Headlamps are the light source to explore the journey into darkness with maximum illumination. It helps you when you are looking at your map or checking something in your pack. Headlamps in strobe mode work for your safety in the emergency situation. The flashlight also casts strong beams. Flashlights and packable lanterns have the same value in the darkness.

First aid supplies

 It is an essential part of your hiking list that every hiker takes on without a second thought. The kit includes:

  • treatments for blisters
  • adhesive bandages of various sizes
  • several gauze pads, adhesive tape
  • disinfecting ointment
  • over-the-counter pain medication
  • pen and paper

The more content depends upon your length of the trip and the number of companions you have.


Map & Compass help you navigate and could act as a backup to handheld GPS. A map must be in the sealed plastic bag to protect it from the rain. You must be well trained before leaving for a hike. The key to becoming proficient navigator is by paying attention. Always create a correlation between where you are on the ground with what you see on the map. Start using the baby steps initially tracking your distance from the civilization and then go deep into the wilderness.


Backpacking tents use the less material and keep the weight to the minimum. Tents give the opportunity to put meat on the table and enjoy the time with family and friends. It is very important to select a right kind of shelter for your hiking trip. You have to evaluate your tent based on price, durability, mold and mildew resistance, ventilation, wind resistance, etc. One of the suggested names is Best Lightweight, Ultralight, & Budget Tents. Tents are equipped with features that can bring a whole new dimension to your hiking trip.

You can scout tons of hiking gear products for your hiking and make a comprehensive list. We have enlisted some of the most prominent few out-of-the-ordinary tools that are always in your gearbox.


The right socks play a critical role to make your feet warm and blister free throughout the journey. Always wear the well-fitted socks that actually protect you from bruises and blisters. Cushioning underfoot offering sweat away in the summer saves your ankle from bristles and brambles. Padded running socks are better than thin socks for warmth. Socks are the lines of defense if you are prone to blister. Think about the kind of terrain you are going to encounter on your hike. Mountaineering means you need more cushion around the toes and heel. Always check the seasonal condition and the length of the hike.

We hope this checklist helps you for your hike and we would be updating this article time to time to add more items for you. Also, check this article “Best Hiking Apps” if you are using a smartphone for navigation.

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