Golf GPS Vs Rangefinder

Many sports have embraced latest technology to increase the efficiency and every contemporary sport is equipped with the latest devices. The advancement of new technology has taken golf to a new level. The technology enhancement is always an attempt to strengthen the quality level of the game that makes the gamer feel how immersed they are in the game. Two of the most important out there in golf are GPS Device and Rangefinder. 

The remarkable leap in technology has changed the golf drastically. Rangefinder and GPS have their own weakness and strengths.

GPS Devices: 

The handheld devices follow the same technology as being used in the car. Thousands of maps are loaded onto these devices that facilitate you to pinpoint the exact location of the course. With a simple click, you can download the map you envisage to play. It also gives your exact location on the course.


The biggest advantage of GPS is its benefits in the area of features it can provide. Best golf GPS devices give the aerial imagery of the golf course, hole, and every nook and cranny can be viewed with the precise location of the flags, bunker, and trees. They give the estimation of how far you hit, live scoreboard, Smart Notifications, and some of the best golf GPS watches have activity tracking features too.

It has reduced the number of blind shots. The golfer is able to identify the place of landing the ball. It is helpful in the real world of golf where wayward shots happen frequently.

You get your yardages on watch or handheld GPS. It gives the convenience of having it when you want. You can easily navigate the water, bunkers and hazards that you cannot see.

You can also measure the size and shape of the green, which is the crucial part of a good course management.


It is yet to overcome the issue of higher accuracy. It does not stand high in comparison to the rangefinder. GPS lacks in giving the precise yardage to the flag.

With the technology flux, GPS added to Smartphone is left behind whereas rangefinder performs optimally to compute the distance that is the toughest job in golf. You can easily identify how far you are from the hole. Most of the rangefinders use optical lenses or laser technology to find out where and how far the hole is.

GPS unit is dependent on the courses that company has mapped. And, that does not make you feel better if the course you want to play is not on your device.

The market is flooded with GPS devices. Some of the biggest brands include:

A fully functional GPS device gives you extensive information, especially when you are playing a course for the first time. It gives an ease to know the things for perusal. You get the view of the entire golf course, from yardages to bunker. It shows the hazards which you cannot see, but it won’t give you its distance. It helps you in determining the size and shape of the green.


Rangefinders use a laser beam to calculate the distance between the objects. It operates on the time of flight principle by sending the light towards the object and time taken in the reflection of the light from the same object to the sender. Simply hold up devices to the eye and get an accurate reading. There is no need of downloading or any kind of subscription, just take it out and point it to the target. The rangefinder is the best in calculating the distance to the pin.


The most appreciative factor in rangefinders is the quality of being precise. It gives a remarkable accuracy within a yard. You can calculate the distance and know that the flag is actually 125 yards away and not the 110 yards.

The main advantage is its usability factor. It can be used anywhere, at every course on the planet. You can precisely knock down the flag.

Many laser rangefinders are equipped with a target lock function. Laser exactly latches on the object and gives you the exact measurement.


The rangefinder is very expensive. It incurs a high cost as compared with GPS. Even if its lifespan is longer it is difficult to come up with the heavy expense.

It is not handy as compared to GPS.  You take it out and aim it at the flag which is a concern for players.

It provides you with the yardages to the things you can see. It does not give you the distance to the front, back, or middle of the green.

Rangefinders do not give you an idea how far you hit the shot. You need to measure the distance to the flag, to your ball and then the subtraction to determine how far you hit your shot.

Some of the Notable brands that manufacture Rangefinders are:

The laser works in a way, giving you the exact yardages of objects you can see. It is best in giving you the distance to the pin, but it cannot provide the distance of front, back, or middle of the green. You will not find the target if something is obstructing in front of you.

Rangefinders and GPS devices both have taken the golf to a new level. Technology flux is trying to combine them both in a much more efficient way to simmer the debate among golfers.

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