Garmin Zumo 595LM Motorcycle GPS Review

The smartphone is not an ideal choice for navigation. You would rather stick to a dedicated GPS unit.  The Garmin Zumo 595LM takes motorcycle navigation to a whole new level. You must turn your eyes towards the best motorcycle GPS unit that keeps you focused on the road in addition to the ease it provides to the rider. It is a perfect device for the adventurous riders with its 5″ display and added so many features that make it strong in all sorts of condition. The unit comes with durable material to withstand all types of weather conditions. 

The Garmin Zumo 595LM offers riders an ultimate in motorcycle GPS technology with customization features such as an ability to stream music from services like Spotify and Pandora and smartphone link app for live weather. Outsized screen and controls reveal that the unit is made for the hard-core bikers in mind. The effects of customization features can be perceived as a series of choices that can take the bikers anywhere they want to go with utmost peace of mind.

Outstanding features that you will really love:

Hands-Free calling

You can easily sync the smartphone with the unit that enables you to make and receive calls without ever having to touch the phone. Also, users can connect the device with a Bluetooth Helmet and listen to songs and talk over the phone.

Road Safety

The use of a GPS device heightens alertness and reduces stress levels as the biker is constantly updated about the extraordinary conditions on the road. It enables bikers to detect the railroad, school zones, rough terrain, accident blackspots, safety camera location, and other hazardous stretches of road. GPS use reduces the miles, thus the travel time by assisting the motorist to receive information of near, or adjacent to the road networks.

Fuel Gauge

The unit is equipped with the fuel gauge that provides an alert when you run low on fuel or air pressure. The service history log keeps you updated with regards to your ride’s mileage, service date, and maintenance. It keeps the things operational. Dynamic fuel stop gives an alert when you need to refuel and also displays the petrol location options. Equipped with speed limit indicator lets you reduce your speed or tell you when it is time to throttle down. Hands-on database of motorcycle specific points of interest (POIs) gives you the location of repair services, dealers, and more.


You never get lost or tangled in a traffic jam. The unit makes you aware of the nearby landmarks so that you can detect your location and you will always get a realistic view of the junction and roadways. Photo Real junction gives you the realistic view of interchanges and junctions to ease your riding through complex routes. Helpful voice prompts to indicate the proper lane to inform about the next turn and exit.

You will get to use features which we can enlist furthermore:

  • Garmin Real Directions for spoken turn by turn directions
  • Lifetime map updates
  • Navigation tools like 3D Terrain and TracBack plus
  • Garmin Express

Keep up-to-date

You can install, simple apps on your phone to know the weather and traffic condition of your area. This service forecasts the up-to-date conditions and alerts about the precautionary measures to be taken depending on the weather or traffic condition.

The Zumo 595LM is ultra-tough when you encounter with rain, snow, stormy weather, sleet, and the summer sun. You can sync it with the headset, smartphone, or helmets with Bluetooth technology. The Garmin Adventurous Routing system links your smartphone to Zumo 595LM via Bluetooth and smartphone link app. The Zumo displays the live weather and traffic updates on its glove-friendly screen. Anti-glare touchscreen facilitates a nice response to the messages you receive. With the device connected to the smartphone, you can also receive and answer your calls smoothly amidst the running music from the Spotify and Pandora.

Garmin Real Direction on the Zumo 595 LM has actually redefined the concept of delivering spoken directions to a compatible headset or helmet. Zumo directs you through recognizable landmarks, traffic lights, building (e.g .,” Turn left after the Blue Building”). There are innumerable places preloaded through Foursquare data. Zumo 595LM is compatible with Garmin Tire Pressure Monitor sensor and works with the valve stems only. TPMS transmits the tire pressure data through wireless technology.

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