Garmin Rino 750 Review

Garmin Rino 750 represents much more refined version and comes with a slightly larger display, more track logs, waypoints, and routes. It also introduces the map segments to the Rino units. There are other extra features also such as Geocaching support and active weather. Garmin has redefined the product with a different approach and developed the battery consumption to last longer. The weight is just 348g and it has a high sensitivity receiver, a two-way radio communication, and high-speed USB. Garmin Rino 750 is also considered as one of the best hunting GPS devices for those who hunt in groups as it let them stay in contact. 


Garmin Rino 750 with 3″ sunlight-readable touchscreen with dual orientation allows a screen to change orientation automatically based on the device orientation. You can also use the battery save mode to prolong the battery life. It allows you to save the image on the device screen. You can set the length of the time before the backlight turns off.


The device is equipped with GPS and GLONASS that enables the device to accurately track and maintain the position of the user. It is also responsive under the deep canyons and remote, off-the-grid-locations. You can connect with other Garmin handheld devices and share your waypoints, routes, tracks, geocaches wirelessly. It offers an easy bearing with 3-axis compass and a built-in barometric altimeter. It comes with advanced mapping capabilities such as BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

Notifications and Sharing

Sync your device with the compatible smartphone to receive the notifications such as calls, texts, emails, and so on to keep you focused on your trail and connected with your companions and family back home. It also enables you to customize your handheld display with free downloads and you can connect to Connect IQ.


Garmin Rino 750 handheld offers you a worldwide shaded relief base map. It is also easy to install additional mapping products along with detailed marine and road maps. You have the micro SD card slot to load the compatible mapping options like Birdseye Maps, TOPO 24K, TOPO 100K and many more.


If you cannot charge lithium-ion battery pack on your trail, you can use four alkaline, NiMH, or lithium AA batteries that give you the longer power. Rino 750 series is durable and water-rated to IPX7 keep you in touch. It powers the device for up to 14 hours on Li-ion battery and 18 hours on a pair of AA batteries.

Weather Report

Connect your device to the smartphone and view the weather radar information. Your smartphone needs an internet connection to get the active weather forecast. You are acknowledged with real-time conditions and alerts paired with the phone and Garmin Connect App.

Two-way Radio

The devices operate on UHF band with the same number of squelch codes and channels. It brings a new level of confidence to your outdoor activities and let you stay in touch with your companions. There is also another option to maintain the non-verbal contact by exchanging unit to unit text messages connected to other Rino devices in your network. It has a range of 20 miles and users can also share their location with compatible devices. This feature allows the device to be used as handheld GPS, hiking GPS, and hunting GPS.


Enjoy with the camera! Rino 755t has the built-in digital camera that helps you make the most of your photographic work. You can easily capture scenic views and your best memories. Automatic geotagging is available with exact coordinates that enables you to retrace your path in near future. You can also use the BaseCamp outdoor trip planning software to view the locations on a map. Thus, you are able to organize your maps, waypoints, and routes. BaseCamp is capable to transfer the satellite images for you to your device and that needs BirdEye Satellite Imagery subscription.

The Rino 3-inch touchscreen is easy to read and hikers can use it with gloved or non-gloved hands. You can communicate with your fellow Rino 750 users that makes a better device for tracking on a tough terrain. Position reporting of the series sends your position to your companion hiker. This is the unique feature for Rino users and to achieve a specific location, Rino depends upon GPS and GLONASS. Quad helix antenna also supports to identify the location. A worldwide shaded-relief basemap facilitates you to see your surroundings. Garmin’s free custom map software or microSD slot helps you to install additional maps furthermore. The most important feature of Rino 750 is, it is equipped with an emergency alert system that tells your exact location to other Rino users about your whereabouts in case of emergency. Rino forecasts and tracks weather system gives you the edge you need.

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