Garmin GPSMAP 64ST Best Selling Handheld GPS Review

A handheld device is a perfect fit for hiking, geocaching, trekking, and mountaineering because you can easily find your way in poor visibility and keeps you connected with your social network. If you are about to make your mind for a new GPS, Garmin GPSMAP 64st would be the best choice as hiking GPS, hunting GPS and similar outdoor activities. It is equipped with a quad-helix antenna boasting the accuracy up to 10 feet and performs well under the thick canopy by locating your position. It has the several advantages, including a longer battery life of 16 hours. Furthermore, it ensures to store 5,000 waypoints and 200 routes. It can connect to the compatible devices so that you can stay ahead of the storm and keep track of the weather forecast. It is something that you can connect to your smartphone to receive the smart notifications. It is loaded with 250, 000 geocaches for a full-time treasure hunt.

Notable Features in Garmin GPSMAP 64ST:



The device is equipped with features such as turn by turn navigation, real-time traffic data and more. Seeking the cell towers near you to lock your position with the support of data connection, making it a suitable choice to perform very well in the canyon like environments. Although, GLONASS performance is doubtful in some cases as per user experience.

Display Quality

It is more likely not far behind than the most of the touchscreen models with its 2.6″ display and 160 x 240-pixel resolution. Unit screen quality seems to be ok with its lower resolution. It supports both the front lighting and backlighting with its transflective display. It is tied to its portable view. It disables the rotation. There is a minor delay between the button pressing and screen walking smoothly that makes the user happy. It also does not bother the user with any unnecessary delay while redrawing the map.

Pairing with other devices

Pair the device with the smartphone. You can on or off notifications. When pairing, enter the passcode provided by the Garmin. Pairing facilitates to share data of any kind. Also, pair with the other Garmin users to share geocaches and waypoints successfully. Connect it to the computer via a USB cable. All the emails and text messages can be received on the device. It also connects with other Garmin devices such as heart rate and accessory sensors.

Battery type: NIMH, Lithium or 2 AA batteries

You have two choices, standard AA batteries or buy a rechargeable battery pack. A full charge of the battery could provide power to the device for almost 16 hours of continuous usage. Making it very convenient for your outdoor activities.

Ease of Use:

Buttons are easy to push declaring it very easy to use, especially when one is accustomed to a device without the touchscreen. It is an easy choice for the people who are not tech savvy.

Fun time:

Supports paperless geocaching with hints from The paperless activity supports the environment and enhances the efficiency. You can get access to the key information such as terrain, hints, and difficulties, etc. that makes you free from the paper printout and a lot of manual work.


It has the medium size, neither too big, nor too small. It is 7.60z. A gadget that easily slips into your pocket. It can be attached to a lanyard with loop option.


It is extremely versatile with its durability and an ability to use in all-weather condition. It falls into categories of the happy customers. No, any leak found in water. Buttons can be pushed easily with gloves in hands also. Go for hunting for the hidden treasure. The unit is filled with numerous geocaches. Plan your maps to be uploaded.

The device is a bit heavy. Overall, all the features make to a great device for most of the activities in all weather. All the aforementioned features make it a top pick people can rely on and also one of the best selling handheld GPS models. It replaces all the button units with the quad-helix antenna providing a high accuracy. Under deep canopies, the position is locked down. A built-in memory of 4GB creates a space for numerous waypoints and 200 routes. Consumers are impressed by some of the unique features such as share points wirelessly, tracks with compatible devices, track pressure changes, and give the weather report. You will really love receiving notifications that sync with your smartphones. It is close to a perfect device with some little shortcoming like a base map is quite limited. Thus, when you go for a big adventure, upload a topo map. In all, the unit is reliable with a top pick award.

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