Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch Review

Garmin approach S60 is applauded for its lightweight and comfortable features and also the best-selling golf GPS device on the market. It gives you an incredible feeling of fitness activities and what the consumers want as a basic smartwatch. Its touch screen is appealing and easily interactive, which connects with the widgets. With its high-end construction and smooth operation, the watch is easy to navigate. When you run or walk, buttons on the right side let you select the features and scroll through menus. 

Wearable widgets run well on an easy to swipe touchscreen that summarizes your daily activities making it an activity tracker too. It gives a long battery life and a large number of accurate course maps. It really improves the game of golfer in case of swing tempo and swing strength training features. The lay-up distances provide a particular hole that is very helpful indeed. You can place the mark to any place on the hole and calculate the yardage.

Location-based reminders are triggered placing the geolocation on top of the game, with years of experience in military applications. It gives you 40,000+ golf courses with free updates and thousands of built-in apps specifically for golfers. Very easy to zoom in and out to view hazards and calculate distances to the target, isn’t that important. It is equipped with motion sensors to measure your stroke and give you notifications of improvement.

It enables the golfer to automatically record the location and distance of the shot and also allows elevation changes between the account and target. SwingTempo and TempoTraining two are the most important golf features available in S60 to help you train in the best swing. S60 also works with Garmin Golf app and the Garmin Connect account so that you can connect with your friends.

You get tools to track, share, analyze, and encourage your friends. You can easily record the events of your lifestyle, including walks, rides, hikes, golf games, and many more. You can see your online statistics tracker work on your rounds of the golf. It allows you to see how you played each hole and yardages of shots from the fairway and tree. It might miss a couple of chips that are close to the green. It is not able to track putts. It is the best watch when you want to know how you are performing.

If you are a competitor, you have a chance to know how other golfers are performing in the app. It provides you weekly leaderboards with a live option. It can sync with your phone to show you texts, emails, and calendars. Put the phone to vibrate, or silent and smart notifications allow you not look at the phone while playing on the course. It shows you how many steps you have taken and the distance covered.

The GPS features of the S60 exceeds the expectation of the consumer and makes it real game changer. It takes your game to a whole new level with the amazing features mentioned below:

  • Measures shot distance
  • Digital Scorecard
  • Custom targets
  • Stat tracking
  • Garmin AutoShot
  • PinPointer
  • PlaysLike distance
  • Touch-targeting
  • Handicap scoring
  • Swing Tempo
  • Tempo Training
  • TruSwing compatible
  • Round Timer

Fitness Features

  • Step bar
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Distance traveled
  • Intensity minutes
  • TrueUp
  • Preloaded run profiles
  • GPS-based distance, time and pace
  • Preloaded outdoor recreation profiles
  • Preloaded cycling profiles

The watch shows yardages to the front, back, and middle and help you to know how to play the next shot. “Play like” feature is useful for the golfer when tackling new courses. Golfers must be aware it does not take into account wind among other variables.

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