8 Best Truck GPS Reviews With Buying Guide

Do you know? more than 40% of the cargo is transported by trucks in the United States making truckers as the driving force of the economy. However, the thing about trucks is that they would need proper guiding instruments that help them avoid dangers and navigate through the vast terrains easily. A truck GPS device will make it easy for truckers to find directions, Point of Interests, connect to the rear cam and more. Here are some of the best truck GPS devices, check them and find the best suitable one for your trucks.

List of Best Truck GPS Devices

Garmin dezl 570LMT – Best Selling

The Garmin dezl 570LMT is one of the best-selling truck GPS navigation devices a trucker can get, especially when a trucker needs to know the way and rely on where to stop for food.

This truck GPS navigation device tells the trucker if he or she needs a certain brand or commodity according to their need and can also track various places where truckers stop usually.

This truck GPS tracker is one of the best as it has the feature called Foursquare which searches for millions of restaurants, motels, and shops and other places with the help of Foursquare.

The device boasts a maintenance for hours and tells the fuel usage and other necessities.

Garmin dezl 570LMT is the best selling Truck GPS model on the market and also the most preferred by truckers. It provides all the features a trucker needs from navigation, Point of Interests, Fuel usage, truck performance, and many more.


  • Millions of places at your fingertips.
  • Details about fuel and truck performance.
  • Good battery life and stability.
  • Usage of the maps application to give accurate information about the truck.


  • Storage and power capacity.
  • It gets a bit boring with very few features, especially during long drives.

TomTom Trucker 620 – Latest Model

You have likely read a news about a truck stuck under a bridge or overpass, as the driver miserably failed to search and navigate the right route to reach the destination. TomTom Trucker 620 interactive truck GPS navigation device helps you to avoid potential hazards such as narrow strips and sharp turns, calculates the best route possible for you. TomTom Trucker 620 continues to support software updates for lifetime.

Lifetime Traffic offers you the real-time traffic and road info saving the time and fuel money on the daily commute. It avoids the sudden braking and keeps you alert about the imminent traffic at any spot, keeping you aware about the accident hotspots and the areas where the accidents are common. Keep on checking your GPS to know the stopped traffic and accident hotspots.

To get the most from the device, pair the device with the smartphone to activate live services like traffic. It allows you to receive and place hands-free-calling and smartphone messages aloud from your smartphone. Lifetime truck maps come with the maps of the USA and Canada at no cost. It also gives you truck related POIs like restrooms, gas stations, motels, restaurants and more.

Keep on updating your maps and software via built-in Wi-Fi. MyDrive enables to plot a route anytime and anywhere. You are equipped with customized trips with preferred roads and stops. You can start driving by syncing the routes to truck GPS.


  • Large Display.
  • Voice Controls.
  • Easy mount included – dash or windshield.
  • Connect to phone for traffic and speed camera info.
  • Hands–free calling.
  • Lifetime map & traffic updates.


  • Screen viewing angles are not up to par.
  • Internal battery does not last long.



Garmin dezl 770LMTHD – Large Display

The Garmin dezl 770LMTHD is a truck GPS and reason being it’s on this list is because of its features that are very similar to the Garmin dezl 570LMT but making few features differ and giving the truck a bigger display.

The features in this truck GPS are that it has a 7-inch HD screen which will help drivers see better and understand properly with the screen.

Apart from that, it has a truck and trailer service directory and the trucker can search for various brands that he or she wants at a time and can find various places of interest such as restaurants, hotels and even parking places.

The devices help truckers search for millions of restaurants which are popular along with shops and much more using Foursquare.

The device boasts a maintenance for hours and tells the fuel usage and other necessities.

One of the best features of this truck GPS device is the ability for customized routing meaning it tells the size and the total weight of the truck.


  • Bigger 7-inch screen.
  • Details about fuel and truck performance.
  • Good battery life and stability.
  • Usage of the maps application to give accurate information about the truck.


  • It gets a bit boring with very few features, especially during long drives.
  • Battery life is not very good.

Rand McNally TND 530

The Rand McNally TND 530 is a 5-inch truck GPS device and helps the user to plan and make changes in the further road which the trucker plans on traveling.

This GPS is built for trucks as the features provided are insane, the GPS tracker is inbuilt with WIFI connection and can be used for a connection.

The Rand McNally TND 530 has a faster processor from its earlier versions and can calculate the routes faster thus saving time for the trucker.

The GPS device finds various point of interest and can also compare different routes with a steady connection

The device tells the trucker about the various fuel prices in the market comparing every brand, thus telling the right price.

Also, the GPS device helps the trucker search many restaurants by their names or keywords.

The device also has a premium feature and lets users get real-time traffic updates. This is only included in the premium feature

Other enhanced features include telling drivers about their address book and team support and keeping a note of the fuel log also it has a video input.

Other features include the day to day necessities like an alarm clock, calendar, calculator, navigation etc. that come handy in a trucker’s life.


  • The device comes with timers and can record mileage for right measurements.
  • Comes with a virtual dashboard for a compact reading in one screen itself.
  • Route comparison saves time especially for a trucker who must cover long distances.
  • Advanced lane guidance.


  • Slow at times and gets stuck at times.
  • Works only with WIFI which is not available everywhere.

Rand McNally TND 730 

The Rand McNally TND 730 is better than its younger brother Rand McNally TND 530 in almost every manner as it may look like a very expensive device to use but, it is very easy to use and operate too.

The device has taken many features that are similar from its previous model but there are few specifications that are added into this device that makes it stand out from the rest and thus making it the best truck GPS.

This GPS device has a 7-inch touchscreen for better visibility and control on the touchscreen

The device lets the user know about the varied weather conditions when truckers are on the road.

It tells the truckers about various toll prices about different tolls.

The GPS device finds points that are of interest and can also compare different routes with fast transactions.

This device provides a perfect description of the various fuel prices and comparing them with other brands.

Also, the GPS device helps the trucker search many restaurants by their names or keywords.

The device also has a premium feature and lets users get real-time traffic updates only after purchasing the premium feature.


  • Tells the load limit of the goods on the truck.
  • Comes with a virtual dashboard for a compact reading on the touchscreen itself.
  • Route comparison saves time especially for a trucker who must cover long distances.
  • Advanced lane guidance that changes the whole strategy and helps truckers plan.


  • Slow and unresponsive at times.
  • Works only with WIFI which is not available everywhere.

Carmate GPS Navigator

If a trucker wants exclusive features for a small price then this is the right GPS for a truck, the truck GPS is not only cheap but also the perfect device for truckers due to the features are given to them.

This branded device gets free updates from CARMATE.

The features given to the truckers in this device are of the following below.

A trucker can search for millions of restaurants and shops using the MAP feature in the device.

The manufacturers offer Bluetooth to provide ease for the truckers due to this it provides safety as a driver uses hands-free calling and can also upload any pictures or music with your smartphone.

The device has a 7-inch touch display with an accurate precision.

The GPS tracker works on a USB and does not have a battery connection.

Overall this is a great GPS for trucks.


  • 7-inch touchscreen with accurate precision.
  • Bluetooth Enabled.
  • Searches thousands of restaurants using the MAP feature.
  • Can make and receive calls.


  • No battery connection.
  • Complicated to use.

TruckWayGPS – Model 720 Pro Series

The TruckWayGPS – Model 720 Pro Series is a truck GPS built for the long-distance trucker who spends long hours on the road behind the wheel.

The device has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen and has a high definition of 800×480 pixels, the rest of it is very easy to use and provides the trucker with all the help he would get from a best truck GPS device.

The device is customizable to the truckers needs according to their requirements and can also warn fellow drivers about a low bridge in the distance or a road sign with many more features.

Apart from the GPS navigation device has a real navigation device which gives a great view of a 3D structure using 3D maps.

The company provides the truckers with lifetime maps for the USA and Canada. The maps are very accurate and can be easily updated.


  • Large screen helps the trucker read notifications off their screen.
  • Can help in finding accurate directions without any lags or glitches.
  • Customizable interface for easy usage.
  • Fast and easy to understand.


  • No internet connection must rely on offline usage.
  • No special features and does not search for restaurants and other places.

Xgody 886

The Xgody 886 is a nice and user-friendly truck GPS with few features but just serves the purpose for the average trucker who travels the long haul and provides adequate information about the routes the driver goes through.

The features that are included in this truck GPS tracker are not very much and yet suffices the job.

It has a 7-inch touchscreen with a high definition contrast and powerful touch.

It does not include batteries and runs on the trucks power to run.

An easy and understandable interface for even the lowest technology people.

The truck GPS device makes the job easier with a powerful GPS which is powered by the maps application.


  • Faster processor.
  • No glitches and lags with a pre-loaded map
  • Cheaper than other models.
  • Larger 7-inch touchscreen helps the user understand the device properly.


  • Very basic device with few features.
  • No internet access in this device.
  • No batteries included.

Buying Guide to Choose Best Truck GPS

Well from the above article we have denoted the various products that can be categorized as the best truck GPS that money can buy.

This review and guide would give them a head start into the world of GPS devices and may help them choose a right product of their choice.

The GPS in trucks can make a huge difference to the drivers and can thus help them get a comfortable journey without the need to stop at bad places or stop every time to ask for directions.

There were different types of GPS devices with different capabilities and with features also the PROS and the CONS about each device were given in a proper manner so that a user can decide and make the right choice when buying a truck GPS tracker.

Depending on this the main points and the basic necessities should not be ignored by the buyer and everything should be properly judged as you are going to be the person who is going to use that product in the later run.

Below will be the given points which would act as a proper buying guide to the perfect truck GPS device.

Features to look for in a Truck GPS

Hands-Free Calling

The feature of Hands-free calling is necessary when a driver is driving his car on the road and hence to ensure the safety of the driver especially if the driver gets a lot of calls then it is advisable to use a Bluetooth enabled device which can send or receive calls wirelessly with ease.

Map and Traffic Updates

Always select a device which provides lifetime map updates and most of them do this for free of cost. This way your device will be future proof for all the years you are going to use. Traffic updates feature is present on many devices and it could be an optional feature for most truckers as they would be traveling very less time in cities. If you would be driving a lot of time in cities, then make sure the unit had traffic updates feature.

Multi-Stop Routing

A truck driver should know about the places he stopped and took rest or is planning on doing so. For this, a truck driver should look out for a device which has a multi-stop routing and can make the traveling or stop points easier for a tucker.

Truck Specific Routes

Some routes are only designed for trucks and due to this reason, a trucker must opt for devices that can tell the roads only suitable for the trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Thus, making the journey a much better one while traveling and reaching the goods on time.

Trip Computer

A GPS device should have a trip computer which is very fast and does not cause a problem to the driver while driving, a trip computer should gather all the required information about the drive such as speed, kilometers traveled, various stop points and must display it properly without any problems.

Point of Interests

Most devices provide information about places like restaurants, motels, restrooms and similar POIs on the navigation screen making the journey easy for the truckers.

In such a case a GPS device should have a good point of interests feature in them as this will help truckers find the right places to go according to their interest.

Dash Camera

Dash cameras are a must in today’s age as with the increasing amount of accident’s and rash driving it has become a must for all drivers to have a dashcam so that the whole ride is captured and the video can be retrieved if an accident occurs.

Voice commands

When a driver is behind the wheel he or she does not have the time to use the GPS device and hence due to this it is optional depending on the usage to have a Voice command so that it becomes easier and safer to use the device when the driver is driving the truck.

Routing Accuracy 

A GPS device, especially for trucks, should have an accurate routing location, without having so a driver will not know the right place and hence cause problems.

Also, a GPS device should not stutter or get stuck when directing the locations to a driver as this may cause dismay to the driver using the GPS device.

Rider Alerts

It would be so much easier if a rider would get alerts such as SMS alerts, social media notifications and call notifications when driving the truck as this would save him or her time for going through the device when he is driving the truck and is behind the wheel.

Connect truck Cameras

A GPS device should have the feature to connect many cameras as this increase the safety of the truck.


Since trucks are big and can be vulnerable to traffic from all sides it becomes mandatory to install cameras so that it may help the drivers and keep them safe if in case an accident occurs.

Thus, keeping in mind, buying the right truck GPS device can help the trucker in a long run and also get them the best truck GPS device.

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