Best Motorcycle GPS Reviews for a Safe Ride (#2 is the most advanced)

Do you know you could do much more than just navigation by using the best motorcycle GPS device? Latest GPS units have become much smarter like your smartphone and could provide a lot of features like hands-free calling, lifetime map, traffic updates, point of interests, adventure routing, route planning and many other features. To explain all of these features we have also included a buying guide along with the best motorcycle GPS reviews. So read our buying guide, reviews and select the best suitable Motorcycle GPS for your requirements.

Best Motorcycle GPS Reviews 2018

ProductDisplayHands Free CallingOur RatingPrice
Garmin Zumo 595 LM - Best Selling5" InchYes4.5/5Buy_Now
TomTom Rider 550- Most Advanced4.3" InchYes4.3/5Buy_Now
Garmin Zumo 395 LM - Affordable4.3" InchYes4.5/5Buy_Now
BMW Motorrad Navigator VI5" InchYes3.5/5Buy_Now
Garmin Montana 610 - Portable4" InchNo4/5Buy_Now
Magellan TRX7 Explorist- Off Road7" InchNo3.5/5Buy_Now
Smartphone Navigation - EasyVariesYes3.8/5Buy_Now

Garmin Zumo 595 LM – Best Selling

Garmin GPS devices are considered as the best products in the navigation market, and Zumo 595LM is the latest edition of Garmin in motorcycle GPS. Like most of the other Garmin Products, Zumo 595LM is the bestselling GPS device for motorcycles as it comes with most features required by the motorcyclists. There are plenty of features available in this unit notable once are Lifetime Maps Updates, Hands-free calling, Rider Alerts, Bluetooth Connectivity, turn by turn directions, Adventurous Routing and more.

Features to Know

  • Design

Garmin Zumo 595LM comes with a 5” inch Touchscreen dual orientation and sunlight readable display. The build quality of the device is very high that it can withstand any weather from sun heat to icing cold and as the device is waterproof it works even in the rain.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity would help the riders in several ways when connected with a Bluetooth Helmet. Zumo 595LM provides turn by turn voice directions which could be listened through the helmet when combined. Riders can connect their smartphone and when you get a call, you can accept or reject the call directly on the device. Also if interested can listen to music while you are riding your motorcycle.

  • Maps & Traffic

Zumo 595LM comes with preloaded maps of the region you bought the device, if you have purchased in USA or Canada you get the maps of both the countries and if you have bought in Europe you will get the maps of Europe. Garmin provides lifetime free map updates which you could install directly from a computer. 3D terrain and realistic maps of junctions and interchanges allow riders to navigate through difficult roads quickly. When connected to smartphone Link App by Garmin riders get traffic notifications on the route.

  • Adventurous Routing

Motorcyclists love to go on thrilling and adventurous routes, with this in mind Garmin had designed a unique feature for this GPS device. Adventurous routing allows you to find routes that had many curves, hills and narrow lanes to make your adventures exhilarating.

  • Rider Alerts

One of the features we love about Garmin Zumo is the Rider Alerts they provide riders with a plentiful of essential and safety-related information. It notifies motorists about sharp curves, speed limits and variations, rail and animal crossings, school zones, state helmet laws, speed cameras, and more. Also, it suggests you take breaks, provides info about good resting places when riding for hours.

  • Live Track

One common thing between adventures like hikers, hunters, and motorcyclists is someone in their family is worrying about their loved one’s safety. It could be your mom, dad, wife or children; live track feature allows them to track your location when the device is connected to the smartphone Link App.

  • Accessories

Straight out of the box you get mount, power cable, automotive suction cup mount along with the Zumo 595LM and battery pack. Other than these there are a couple of accessories riders could buy and use along with the Garmin Zumo, they are Tire Pressure monitor sensor and VIRB XE action camera.


  • Hand free calling & smart Notifications.
  • Lifetime Map Updates.
  • Garmin Adventurous Routing.
  • Rider Alerts.
  • Speed limit for the road.


  • Expensive.
  • Small learning curve to get most.

TomTom Rider 550

Most of the times TomTom devices are on par or next to Garmin devices, however, this time they have come up with Rider 550 which is ahead of Garmin flagship motorcycle GPS Zumo 595LM. TomTom Rider 550 has most of the features available in a Zumo 595LM like hands-free calling, lifetime map updates, traffic, glove-friendly display, adventurous routing and proper accessories. Features better in Rider 550 are the ability to update maps and software through Wi-Fi, Siri and Google Now Voice Assistants, faster processing speed and less boot time.

Features to Know

  • Design

TomTom Rider 550 is built to withstand most of the harsh weather conditions and comes with the IPX7 waterproof rating. The 4.3” inch touchscreen display is both sunlight readable and glove-friendly which makes it easy to use.

  • Maps & Traffic

The device comes with high-resolution maps which are easy to read and follow, and round-trip planning allows riders to explore more on their journey. MyDrive Route Planning software makes it easy to plan your trips on the PC or Mac and share them to GPS device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Updating maps had become more accessible than ever, with the inbuilt Wi-Fi in the Rider 550 users can update maps with just a few clicks. No other motorcycle GPS unit has this feature as of 2018. It also provides live traffic information, accidents or traffic jam notifications and suggests faster routes when connected to the internet via smartphone.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth in the Rider 550 could help the riders in different ways; hands-free calling is one such major feature. When connected with smartphone and headset or Bluetooth Helmet riders can accept the calls on the GPS and talk over the headset. Also when compared with a smartphone the device shows all the notifications your smartphone receives without the need to take your smartphone out of the pocket.

  • Winding and Hilly Routes

Similar to Garmin’s Adventurous Routing this feature allows riders to find routes that have plenty of curves and hilly roads. This way it makes your trip more adventurous and exciting to ride. TomTom Road Trips have plenty of curated road trips which have many interesting places to explore.

  • Accessories

When you buy a TomTom Rider 550, you also get a mount, Ram mount, USB cable, Power cable and manual along with the Rider 550. Riders can use other accessories like Tire pressure monitors, action cameras and also has an option to add Micro SD-card if required.


  • Unlimited Map & Traffic updates.
  • Voice-based routing.
  • Hands-free calling.
  • In-Built Wi-Fi


  • Software Bugs.


Garmin Zumo 395 LM – Affordable

Garmin Zumo 395LM is the little brother of Zumo 595LM which comes with less no of features and good for people looking for a budget motorcycle GPS. Reduction in the size of the display is the major one, Zumo 395LM comes with only 4.3” screen, other removed features are dual orientation, 3D terrain, smart notifications and the live track. Most riders don’t use these features much, and if you are one of them, then you can opt of Zumo 395LM and save bucks.

Features to Know

  • Design

Unlike a Car or Truck GPS, motorcycle GPS gets exposed to the harsh outside weather, so Garmin had designed the Zumo series devices to withstand the weather with a robust design. Zumo 395LM had a 4.3” inch sunlight readable touchscreen display and worked even when operated with gloves.

  • Maps & Traffic

The device comes with the regional maps where you have bought the unit, and the maps are well designed with plenty of POIs and accurate roads and surroundings. Zumo devices come with free lifetime map updates which users can download from Garmin website. When connected with Smartphone Link App by Garmin it provides traffic info to make it easier for the rider to choose routes.

  • Adventurous Routing

Most people who ride motorcycles are either they love bikes or love adventures, this feature allows riders to find routes that are more thrilling to ride. It can find routes with sharp curves, hilly and narrow lanes, this way you can go on adventurous routes that you may never get to explore.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Over the year’s technology had made our life a lot simpler and Bluetooth are embedded in every useful electronic gadget. Bluetooth Helmets have made the experience of motorcyclists a lot easier by allowing them to connect other gadgets for various applications. Riders can interlink GPS, smartphone and helmet and this allows you to accept calls on the GPS and speak over the helmet. Also, users can listen to turn by turn voice navigation without ever needing to look at the screen.

  • Rider Alerts

Rider alerts is a significant safety feature available in the Zumo devices they provide plenty of information that allows you to ride much smooth and safe. The unit notifies you about the sharp curves on the route, school zones, speed limits and changes, animal or rail crossing, info about one-way roads, speed cameras, and state laws regarding helmets. Whenever you are riding for long hours, it suggests you right resting places and notifies you to take a break.

  • Accessories

Similar to the Zumo 595LM this also comes with mount, power adapter and automotive suction cup mount along with the GPS unit and user manual. If interested riders can buy other accessories like tire pressure monitoring sensor and VIRB action camera to record your adventures.


  • Affordable.
  • Water and weather resistant.
  • Hands-free calling and Music streaming.
  • Voice-based routing.
  • Rider and speed alerts.


  • Poor audio quality.
  • Little learning curve.


BMW Motorrad Navigator VI

For a long time, BMW had been designing some of the best GPS for their motorcycles, and BMW Navigator VI is the recent model released by the company. The unit is designed by BMW; however, it is manufactured by Garmin, and the software is also similar to the Zumo series of Garmin. Overall it is a well-designed GPS for BMW motorcycles and could also be used on other bikes with suitable mounts.

Features to Know

  • Design

Navigator VI comes with a 5” inch sunlight readable touchscreen display and is considered as the best display in a motorcycle GPS, this is because it is effortless to see even in the bright sunlight. The device is well built to withstand most of the harsh weather from hot sun to cold winters and rain. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating and also vibration resistant.

  • Bluetooth

Taking calls while driving had never been as simple when riders connect their smartphone and Bluetooth helmet they can accept calls on the GPS and talk over the helmet or headset. This way you would never need to stop your vehicle to answer your phone calls. Also, users can load songs on to the device to listen to your favorite music while riding. When a headset is connected riders can listen to the voice based turn by turn directions which makes your journey much more comfortable.

  • Adventure Routing

Similar to other devices Navigator VI also comes with a few features that could find routes filled with adventures and exciting to ride. “Winding Roads” and “Avoid major country roads” are two features riders could use to find routes that are windy and avoids highways. “Round-Trip” option creates a route that doesn’t have the same course while going and coming back, this way you can explore more on your trip.

  • Maps & Traffic

Riders get lifetime map updates for all the BMW GPS units and also when connected via Smartphone Link App it provides live traffic information. Traffic information allows you to find alternative routes that take less time to reach the destination. Navigating through an intersection could be difficult for many to make it easy Navigator VI provides 3D maps that show much easier directions.

  • Accessories

Buyers get a suction cup mount, Micro-USB cable, practical carry bag, screwdriver, power cable and a manual along with the BMW Navigator VI device. If you are planning to use the unit on motorcycles that don’t have a windshield, then you may need to buy an extra mount.


  • Factory Fit Mounts for BMW riders.
  • 16GB internal memory + Micro SD.
  • Lifetime Map updates.
  • Water resistant.
  • Fast processor.


  • Expensive.
  • Touch doesn’t do well in cold.

Garmin Montana 610 – Portable

Montana 610 is actually a handheld GPS unit but its 4” touchscreen and a perfect mount would make it an excellent GPS motorcycle and provides unique features than a dedicated GPS for a motorcycle. This is because it is designed for hikers who need much more navigational features like adding waypoints, uploading tracks from computers, and add different types of maps. City Navigator maps which cost around 80$ are near identical to the maps provided on other units.

Coming to the features of the Montana 610 it had a 4” sunlight readable touchscreen display with dual orientation. Unlike the regular units, it had the support of both GPS & GLONASS which means your positioning is much quick and accurate. Garmin AMPS Rugged Mount allows it to attach to any motorcycle or ATV and also comes with a cable for power & audio. Even without the power cable, it can work continuously for up to 22 hours with AA batteries.

Garmin BaseCamp software allows to plan a trip with waypoints, tracks, and points of interests and upload it to the device. This way you can find the places you want to visit and mark them for a more convenient trip. The navigational sensors include a compass for directions and barometric altimeter for altitude.

The device had 4GB of internal storage and expandable memory slot which gives the ability to upload different types of maps like TOPO 24K, BirdsEye Imagery Maps, & City Navigator maps. With City Navigator Maps uploaded Montana provided you with automatic routing until you reach your destination.

However, it does lack features like hands-free calling, speed limit on the roads, music streaming, voice-based routing, pressure monitor, motorcycle trip computer and especially windy roads, Round Trip. A few of these disadvantages wouldn’t be a problem and some could be avoided with correct planning.


  • Sunlight Readable Display.
  • Route planning software.
  • Ability to upload maps.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Good battery life.


  • No hands-free calling.
  • Less driving features.

Magellan TRX7 Explorist – Best Off  Road GPS

Magellan TRX7 Explorist is more of an off-road GPS if you are a person who goes on off-road trips into the wild than this is suitable for you. It comes with a 7” touchscreen display and Android OS 4.4 which actually is pretty old. Since the OS is old you may not be able to install most Android apps on to the device.

The best part of TRX7 is it comes with 115K preloaded off-road trails which are ready whenever you need. In-built maps are also very detailed and can also provide you with 3D maps which are detailed. Rugged design and waterproof makes it usable to the extreme and still functions normally.

When you are on a trip TRX7 will automatically mark waypoints at regular intervals, this way you will know your way back. Also with just a click, it will start guiding you back to the start.

Before you buy TRX7 we want to let you know that this is device is very bad for on-road & street navigation.

Overall Magellan TRX7 Explorist is the best off-road GPS for motorcyclist which comes with almost all the features one needs in a GPS for off-road adventures.


  • 115K off road trails.
  • 7” inch display.
  • Waterproof.
  • Detailed TOPO maps.


  • Old Android OS.
  • No or limited on-road navigation.

Smartphone Navigation

Mobiles have evolved much more than a device to talk over the phone into more than anyone had imagined and with a good smartphone you could use it as a GPS for your motorcycle. There are only two Smartphones operating systems dominating more than 98% smartphones Android and iOS. Plenty of navigation & travel related apps are available for both of these OS’s. Below are some apps to help you with your required features in a unit.

Google Maps with 1 billion+ people using it, it is the most used and popular navigation related app available with plenty of features. Google Maps can literally find almost any place above rural areas around the world and provides maps with as accurate as Garmin or TOMTOM devices. It provides voice based turn by turn routing with near precise traffic updates. Also for most of the places, you can find plenty of user reviews to help you know more about the place with popular times. Offline maps allow you to download a map of a particular area and allows you to use it offline. Overall it is easy to use the app for navigation as long as you are connected to the internet.

Windy Maps if you are an adventurer and love to ride your bike to explore nature then this app may be suitable for you. It will let you download maps of a region you are visiting and let you plan your routes, find places of interest in the region, and voice based turn by turn navigation. They also save trails, bikeways of previous users to help new visitors and provide travel tips for the area.

EatSleepRIDE is like a social app designed for motorcyclists as it allows you to create group rides and allows to see each other on the map, share and access routes uploaded by other users, and meet other riders nearby. Riders can share their location with their family and friends back at home. Upload rides by trimming your start and end points to protect your privacy. Riders can access unlimited maps of the regions even without internet which is essential for bikers.

Roadtrippers, Best Biking Roads, Waze, Rever Motorcycle, Camp Where are some more apps for your smartphone to plan for your long road trips, city navigation, exploring new places and more.

However, there are also downsides to using smartphones as a motorcycle GPS unit. Water resistance, most of the smartphones are not water resistant which makes them not useful in rainy climates. Sunlight readability, smartphone screens are not so bright to see easily in sunlight. Riding at high speeds could damage your pricey smartphone due to dust, swift winds and longer exposure to sunlight.


  • Free apps to find the required features.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Saves money.


  • Sunlight readability.
  • Susceptible to damage.

Best GPS for Motorcycle Buying Guide

When looking to buy anything we need to have a good knowledge of what a product could offer and how well it could actually work for our requirements. So, today we have written a Buying Guide to find the best motorcycle GPS unit.

Every rider had specific requirements for buying a GPS device for motorcycle other than navigation. Of all the units we reviewed above are very good at navigation part. However, there are features that we should discuss to find what actually a GPS unit for a motorcycle could offer. So, below are the most useful features that come along with most of the best motorcycle GPS units.

Features to look for in a Best Motorcycle GPS

Build Quality

Riding at a speed of 80 miles per hour could exert a lot of force on the motorcycle and its parts. There are chances for external objects like dust to damage the unit. If the GPS unit is not protected by the windscreen, then you need to be even more careful at selecting one. Garmin Zumo devices are well built in this regard they can withstand a lot of force when mounted perfectly.

Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates

Except for Montana, all of the other devices come with free lifetime maps and traffic updates. This is a major relief for most of the users as it is a hectic task to manually find and update maps every time. All you need to do you connect to a computer and use the software given for the device and update the maps. This is much better than the old way of buying a CD with the latest maps and the uploading to a computer then transfer it to the GPS unit.


A 5 to 7-inch display with sunlight is the most suitable for a GPS unit for a motorcycle. It should also be very clear to view even in bright sunlight or pitch dark. Also, the touchscreen should work even with gloves or freezing temperatures. Most touchscreen units had these problems unable to use with gloves and when under sub-zero temperatures. So if you are a person who ventures into these conditions then you should be more cautious.

Motorcycle Routing

Most motorcycle units come with routing options that are preferred by motorcycle riders like windy roads, hilly roads, and round-trip planning. Windy roads option prefers routes with high bends making your trip more exciting. Hilly roads prefer or avoid roads with higher elevations this way people who are uncomfortable with low pressure can avoid these roads. In Round-Trip planning, if you select an area then the device creates a round route covering most of the area for you to explore. With these options on your gadget, you can explore and make your long trip more exciting to ride.

Rider Alerts

Rider alerts like speed limits, railway crossing, school zones, speed camera, red lights, sharp curve ahead, camp areas etc are very important for motorcycle riders. Many a time we may not notice the signboards, but with a GPS like Garmin Zumo, you are always notified of alerts. This way you can avoid getting into trouble and enjoy your ride. So while buying a GPS unit check if the unit comes rider alerts or not.


GPS units specifically designed for motorcycles comes with motorcycle mounts, power cable, and related hardware. Thus making it easy for users to mount the device on to your vehicle. If you are opting for a Montana or use your own smartphone then you may need to buy a suitable mount. My most preferred brand for mounts is RAM and they have mounts for most of the needs and are of high standards. Even the TomTom 400 comes with a mount manufactured by RAM.

Weather & Water Resistant

As we explained in the Display, having a GPS device than could withstand freezing temperatures is very necessary. Cold temperatures may make the unit unusable and in some units, raindrops could be considered as inputs. Other than these riders should also consider devices having water resistance rating of at least IPX7. Having a weather & water resistant unit is much more reliable and would never ditch you even in worse conditions.

Voice Based Navigation

Voice-based routing is essential for city navigation, unlike highways we encounter a lot of turns while riding in a city. Voice based navigation makes it easy to drive by providing accurate turn by turn routing like a real person. If you are having a Bluetooth helmet, then you could connect it to the GPS device and listen to the directions. This way driving even in an unplanned city would be easy to ride.

PC Route Planning

Having the ability to plan your routes and tracks for your long trip with waypoints, POIs, campsites would make it your ride enjoyable. This way you can be planning everything from start to end and have everything planned out. Most units come with PC route Planning software, users can also create routes on Google Earth and send them to the device too. Overall if you are an adventurer who goes on to explore the nature or go on long trips then you make sure it had options to plan your routes.

Points of Interest

Whenever you are riding in a new city or on long trips it is essential to know where to find gas stations, pit stops, restaurants, motels etc. With Point of interest feature, you are just a search away from finding where to go. Most Garmin and TomTom units come with this feature and would always help you to find any location easily.

Hands-free calling

Hands-free calling allows users to accept or reject phone calls directly on the GPS device. This is done by connecting your smartphone with the unit via Bluetooth. If you are having a Bluetooth Helmet you can connect it with the motorcycle GPS and directly talk through the helmet. This way you no longer need to stop your ride or take your smartphone out thus making it convenient.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire Pressure Monitoring is a unique feature you can only find in Garmin Zumo device. This sensor which can be bought for your motorcycle allows Zumo device to track the pressure in your tires. Each tire requires an individual sensor and battery sensor lasts for up to 18 months. This actually is not so essential feature but if you feel it could help you then buy a pair of them for each tire along with Zumo 590LM.

Overall these are the most important features one must look before buying a GPS unit for your motorcycle. Hope you have found the best motorcycle GPS device that comes with all the features you require.

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