Best Hiking Apps to Plan, Navigate and Enjoy

Apps are renovating the world, especially in expedition and exploration. Your best companion is your smartphone during your trip. Having installed one or two apps makes your life much easier and helps in hiking and other planned activities. Most of them, you can use offline those work perfectly to guide you among the wilderness and terrible time of the hiking without the internet connection. Difficult level is not that too much disappointing and you do not suck at a mix of a jungle trail and paved uphill road. Having downloaded offline maps greases your movements in hiking or camping for more exciting opportunities for new friendship. We will take a look at some of the best hiking apps available. These apps could do many tasks performed by a hiking GPS or hunting GPS and some of the apps could help & assist you on your hiking trips. 

Best Hiking GPS Apps For Your Trips


This is one of the favorite apps for adventurers and professionals worldwide for outdoor activities, giving you a rich catalog of maps. The app works in conjunction with the cloud tool website to generate PDF maps that are being used during the trip.


It comes out on the top when we have to select a hiking app which represents a visual direction and the precise navigation. It is a crucial skill to navigate with the compass and both compass and map play a mandatory gear during the hiking. The app is the quickest solution in that case.

Maps 3D Pro

If you tend to be map-centric and take part in a lot of leisure pursuits such as hiking, fly fishing, racing, backpacking, rock climbing, sailing, skiing, surfing, etc., then the app is the perfect fit that facilitates free map download etc. It beautifully solves all the primary purpose including off-line usage and storage to your device. Additional features are outlined here:

  • An Easy to use a search feature
  • 2D and 3D map views
  • 3D maps offline access
  • Offline map storage feature when you cannot download the map
  • Recording your routes and distances for future use
  • Spyglass: It is essential offline and adventurous app. It serves as:
  • compass
  • gyrocompass
  • GPS receiver
  • Speedometer
  • Inclinometer
  • Binoculars
  • Sun, Moon, and star finder

It saves the coordinates of your waypoints and tracks the multiple targets with a real-time augmented display. It measures distances, sizes, angle, and a lot more.

Knots 3D

It represents a whole new perspective on knots giving a 3D video tutorial for tying different knots. You can learn what is Trilene knot and Constrictor knot appear from the back. 126 different knots are available with their incredible details. You can watch the knot, tie or untie the knot, zoom in and flip the knot. It is really one of the most useful hiking apps.

Water Drinker Reminder

It helps to remind the quantity of water we need to intake to avoid chronic dehydration during the trip. App gives us a graph to show how much water we need on a daily basis. It supports Google Fit and S Health. It customizes with how much of water you drink every day. It supports oz and ml. It is the best app for planning your drinking habit and gives reminder at the right time. 10 free alerts sound to choose. It gives you wifi back and restores. You can also customize the volume of water because a majority of people do not know how much water one needs.


It is the free ios tracking app to keep you and your companions protected in the wilderness. Share and update the plans with your family and friends. It helps you get home safely. Enter your whole plan in the app. App emails your whereabouts to your contacts that lets them detect your position during hiking, bird watching, or spelunking. Download the offline topo maps. You will also find the legion of new trails in the advanced version of the app. The app will automatically send you the notification if you miss any preplanned spot on your trip. Your loved ones can see your planned itinerary through GPS and are also able to initiate any rescue effort in case of emergency.

Multitudes of hikers take advantages of such kind of advanced apps, away from the cities on their hiking adventures and stay in touch with their family and friends who can reach and provide safety for them in case of any kind of emergency. Hikers share or upload the experiences of their loved ones. Various apps capture the data and information related to hiking for recording purposes and to avail the user experience in the future.

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