Best Golf Apps to Take Your Game to Next Level

Golf has really changed over the years. Technology flux has completely reshaped the game. App developers are playing a pivotal role in transforming our smartphones and tablets into digital scorecards and tracking devices. Golfers, who take their games seriously, really should subscribe to these multifunctional apps and enhance their playing experience for all, irrespective of their ability. Golfers get an opportunity to opt for different choices. Apps act as a most important tool at any golfer’s disposal and work as an on-course caddie. It is necessary to have an insight into latest most performance trends. 

Best Golf Apps for iOS & Android


Hole19 is a free gold app that works as a real caddie to help you decrease your golf scores. It also provides precise GPS distances and scoring on over thousands of golf courses across the globe. With a good smartphone and Hole19 app you could do a lot to improve your game. Hole19 have most of the features one can find in a best golf GPS device.

It is the best app which improves your golf and lowers your handicap. It is compatible with all smartphones supporting iOS & Android and also supports Apple Watches. Some of the free download features are:

  • GPS Rangefinder
  • Digital Scorecard
  • Golf Statistics Tracking
  • Plan & Book Your Round
  • Sharing with Friends

Swing by Swing Golf GPS

Swing by Swing is one of the top performing free golf apps. It is free for a lifetime and very accurate and reliable. It provides distances to greens and hazards and also a digital scorecard for the numerous courses. It is equipped with personal statistics and handicap

  • Track the scores and On-Course Stats
  • Keep a USGA-Style Handicap with no any extra effort
  • Store the rounds, which are free for life in the database

You can also upgrade it to looper for a premium app that gives you extended scoreboard, wind speed, and elevation for better club selection.

GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

This is one of the major leaders in golf GPS technology. The company is always at the leading edge and launched the handheld golf in the market for the very first time. The app serves as GPS for thousands of the courses and several features so that you can learn and play on the course. It includes plenty of features like below:

  • Interactive course maps
  • 35,000 Courses
  • GPS to the front, back, and center of greens
  • Distance to the point of fairway and green
  • Calorie Counter
  • Pin Positions
  • GPS distances to all layups and hazards
  • Club tracking

Yahoo Sports

With Yahoo Sport, you can select any news from your favorite sports, teams such as soccer, tennis, golf. It was formerly known as Sportacular. It gives you a clear design with a quick and smooth access to your news and all related information. It has a simple layout. Yahoo Sports provides a detailed game, player and team statistics. With this app on your smartphone, you can track all the news related to Golf in seconds.

V1 Golf App

This is one of the best apps to empower the golfers to be in their best form. It captures very impressive video and transfers swings to your instructor for proper analysis and lessons. You really get fun with its advanced analysis and tools.

  • Capture up to 240 FPS in HD
  • Import video from camera roll
  • Slow motion playback, frame-by-frame
  • Swings review
  • Trim, zoom in, and flip videos
  • Sharing video

Hudl Technique Golf

Hudl is famous for its recording swing and keeps track of the progress during the tournament. It has revolutionized the approach of golfers for teaching and technique analysis. It is easy, accurate with a remarkable lesson conveying feature.

  • You can record the lessons to review it further on the spot. It is the best app which gives you the ability to focus on your areas of adjustment.
  • You can share the video with any mobile device. It gives you a feature to provide feedback.
  • You can easily edit any video and can add voice over and drawing to your video.
  • It is best for teachers that help them manage their students and schedule. You can easily organize your videos by golfer name and club to access the videos quickly.

Supreme Golf

With plenty of Apps and sites to check the tee times, course amenities and more Supreme Golf offers you one stop shop for all the other apps combined. This is because they are a search engine for tee times, they search plenty of sites and provides you with the most useful information and the best rates for tee times in the courses you are interested in. They provide tee times, pricing, no of players, amenities from more than 12000+ golf courses in 41 countries. Also, the app shows you the distance from the green using GPS, scoreboard and weather information. They have both Android and iOS apps available for free.

Golf Channel Academy

You can easily learn how to play better and take the guidance of the finest players. It has the friendly interface. It gives you the complete session with the lesson plan in your hand. You can improve your game with the astounding instructions available through the app. It is a mixture of the comprehensive instructional library with so many advanced capture and technology to help the learner to a new level. There are more than 2,000 videos from the world’s experts that includes:

  • Michael Breed
  • Martin Hall
  • Dana Radar

Game golf

Game golf records your shots at 240 fps and provides the real-time tracking system. It gives you more fun while playing the game and tracks your game in the background. You can share your progress or any killer drive with your friends. You can play with your friends and family using Live Leaderboards. It harnesses your strength and sets your goal. You can choose match play or stroke play, and get the real-time strokes and have more fun and updates.


Golfers have more fun and elevate the game with 18Birdies GPS, on-demand golf content and live scoring of tournaments. It is now available on apple watch also. It is a premier mobile golf platform which actually powers the next generation. It inspires golfers and provides the simple and intuitive experience where golfers share their experiences with friends that make the game more exciting.


Zepp gives the revolutionary smart training system. Zepp instantly evaluates your swings and you get the areas of improvement. It offers you a training program to improve and practice your swing. Zepp helps you in becoming the real golfer once you attach the sensor to your glove.

There are so many new apps being developed that help amateur golfers enhance their training, with such a hot commodity of apps in the world of golf. The power of the mobile device and new emerging apps for the golfers make the game more interesting and exciting for a vast number of reasons. We hope you like some of these best golf apps and they would improve your game.

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