Best Car GPS Tracker Reviews & Guide

We all love driving cars! Especially if that car is amazing and is your favorite. You may let your loved ones drive your car or may yourself drive it. But at times the thought of safety and precautions plays in our minds importantly when your loved ones are alone. Due to this feeling of thought and safety, people would want to know where their loved ones would be if in case they are ever lost while driving the vehicle by themselves. Thus, coming into play, best car GPS tracker which can help a person determine the location of the car.

So here are the reviews of the car GPS trackers with buying guide according to the products that we have shortlisted for this article.

Best Car GPS Tracker for your loved ones

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini – Best Selling

The Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini is one of the best GPS tracking device for cars as it basically used to track all types of people such as couples, old people, and teenagers.

This GPS tracking device does not spoil the look of the car and can fit anywhere due to its compact design. It is so versatile that it can be attached to the seat belt of the driver and also can be attached to the car with ease.  It can also be attached to bags if encase the user decides to get down from the car.

Spy Tec STI GL300 works with Google Maps and also works with live internet provided by MAC and ANDROID. There is geo-fencing in this unit and also has the feature to send a text and email when leaving a certain area. It is also easy to use and does not cause any dismay to the user who is dependent on it for traveling. It boasts a 2-week battery and at times may even last longer the monthly subscription price is 25$ a month.


  • Can be attached anywhere
  • It provides the user utmost security.
  • Includes SOS button
  • The application is directly connected to Google Maps and is fast in usage times.


  • The website used for reporting does not work well.
  • Outdated User Interface.

Automatic AUT-350C Pro Gold – No Subscription ChargesAutomatic AUT-350C Pro Gold

The Automatic AUT-350C Pro Gold uses 3G connectivity and no monthly fee for 5 years. It provides real-time tracking of your vehicle regardless of the driver. The GPS tracking device can also check the car’s engine and decode it. It also has a crash detection to keep all the family member’s safe.

Also, the product only works in the United States and making it unusable in other regions of the world. Users can track their car in Real-Time using a mobile app and the device sends messages for crashes. It can also connect to other devices like Echo, Nest etc.

Carash alerts are not 100% reliable, there are high chances it may not detect and notify your family members.

It connects to the car with the help of the IFTTT and provided it has an unlimited 3G subscription for 5 years. Due to legal reasons, they have to choose a particular time frame for a free subscription, in reality, you may never need to pay any subscription charges.

Overall, it is one of the best car GPS trackers with no monthly fee you could get around 100$ with most of the features available. If you think this device had all the features you need then go for it.


  • It helps forgetful drivers know where their car is when parked.
  • No subscription charges.
  • Works well with IFTTT service.
  • Checks car’s engine health.


  • 3G service may not work sometimes.
  • Mobile application crashes frequently.

Optimus Real Time 2.0

The Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker provides its users with international coverage. Both Android and IOS apps are available for the device to track and is very easy to use. It is fast in tracking and has a special feature such as routing for private investigators.

The tracking unit also provides with a feature for email and text message alerts. It also warns the driver about his or her speed limits when leaving or entering specific areas.  Apart from that it has a low battery feature and an SOS button and provides a detailed driving report that’s saved during the trip.

It needs to be fitted with batteries and does not come included with the box. It works by the signals received from the satellite and is a great device for one and all in the family.


  • Real-time positioning.
  • SOS feature helps to safeguard the elderly and track their whereabouts.
  • It is directly connected to the Satellite.
  • iOS & Android Apps.
  • Provides with a detailed driving report of the previous trip


  • Not accurate many times and only depends on the satellite network.
  • Should be recharged every time.

Amcrest AM-GL300

Whether you are close to your family or away from then, the Amcrest AM-GL300 will always stay connected giving out your location to the ones you love in case of emergencies. It is small and can fit almost anywhere due to this it becomes much durable, even with the quad-band technology the connection with other resources are almost unbreakable.

Geo-fencing capability notifies you when the vehicle leaves a pre-set region. It can also track the speed of the car and can also trigger an alarm if the user ventures outside a specific boundary. Talking about the battery life the unit boasts a 14 day on a full charge and can also withstand the harsh weather.

The device can be used with applications from PC or smartphones and it requires a subscription of 19.99$ a month. If you get the Amcrest Magnetic Case it would be the best hidden GPS tracker for cars.


  • Quad-band technology.
  • Small size makes it easy to fit.
  • 14 days’ battery life.
  • Mobile applications make it easy to use directly from a smartphone.


  • It does not have an SOS feature for emergencies.
  • Due to its small size, many times people do misplace it.

MOTOsafety OBD Teen

MOTOsafety OBD Teen is a tracking device which goes out of its way for providing consumer services. It just has to be plugged into the OBII port of your car and no batteries as such required. This little unit has it all and guarantees 100% location accuracy including the cars speed and much more.

This unit uses Google Maps for usability. Geofences are used mostly to get to know about the locations where the vehicle was last used in to assure safety. It uses 3G oriented service to run and is pretty much easy to use in terms of management, even the elderly can use it.

MOTOsafety provides a free month of service after which it is 19.99$ a value month. It is different from the rest as it provides a teen course for driving with a scored report that ensures that they fair better and can curb bad habits while driving.

Otherwise, you can receive or send text and email with the mobile applications and can easily track from anywhere.


  • Accurate positioning and reliable.
  • Also providing a driving course for teens so that they learn the right ways of driving.
  • The mobile application helps a lot in tracking.
  • Provides first-month service for free.


  • 3G network is used to transfer data which may cause disconnection.
  • Sometimes, speed is not accurate.

Linxup OBD

The Linxup OBD helps a user to monitor fleet driving activity with GPS tracker using 100% accuracy through the Google Maps.

The device sets up geo-fences around important locations set by the driver.

Connection that is used is the 3G tracking that is refreshed every minute. The service is only 22.99$ a month.

Apart from all the main features, some special features include reports to reduce fleet fuel consumption and track the driver’s safety.

Also, it provides real-time tracking and installs directly into the OBD port of the car,

Manufacturers provide limited lifetime device warranty.


  • Using google maps gives the driver utmost location accuracy.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Provides reports on “how to improves drivers safety”


  • 3G networks may not work accurately on time as it is supposed to work.
  • Does not support few mobile devices

Spot Gen3

Spot Gen 3 is a GPS tracking device that was launched to the general public in the year 2013 and has been having a strong standing in the market ever since. What’s so great about the Spot Gen3 is that its reliability and the trust that the brand has built into its customers.

The Spot gen3 is a lifesaver in terms of emergencies and can even work when there is no cell coverage in the vicinity. This is because the unit runs directly with the connection from the satellite hence making communication and sending SOS signals easier.

It can be used by the whole family, to run this unit 2 lithium batteries are required which are included with the unit.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It does not cause dismay to the users and does the required job of communicating with ease.
  • With the direct communication from the satellite, it makes this unit easy to use from almost anywhere.


  • Very outdated device but does the work as required.
  • Rechargeable batteries, as well as phone connectivity, should have been added.

Zubie GL500C12M 

The Zubie GL500C12M is a GPS tracker for almost any car and is easy to install as this just has to be plugged into the diagnostics port. It can then be connected to a 3G service and the user can connect to the Zubie application and various other services like IFTTT and others.

Zubie GL500C12M is an application which gives real-time updates about the location of the car and can safeguard family members. It also coaches teenagers from bad habits such as hard braking and monitors the speed limits.

The best feature of this device is, it can detect various levels of your car such as the engine codes and also warn the driver about low battery before it is too late.


  • Acts as a trainer for elders if they are lost
  • Helps Teenagers/Elders to stop bad habits inculcated right from the start.
  • High accuracy positioning.
  • Easy to use.


  • The unit still sticks to the 3G service and may sometimes get stuck due to network failure.
  • Doesn’t provide an accurate speed of the car.

Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker

This GPS car tracking device is a one of a kind type as it has a SIM card installed inside and also includes 2 days of free service.

After 2 days the service is 15$ and this piece of GPS tracking technology works worldwide with 2G network.

The unit has a feature of cost-cutting the roaming charges and thus giving instant notifications at a cheaper cost.

It works with applications like email text and inbuilt app notifications on the IOS and Android system.

It is powered by a 3000mAh battery and creates a geofence when used with the car.


  • It has live tracking and refreshes every 60 seconds when the vehicle is moving.
  • It is inbuilt with a SIM card.
  • Provides 3000 mAH battery life
  • Has its own Android application for faster details and tracking.


  • 2G network which causes disconnection.
  • The sim card sometimes becomes unresponsive.

The Mileage Ace – GPS Mileage Tracker

The Mileage Ace guarantees to be 100% accurate to give the user a piece of mind by installing and forgetting about it.

It works through Wi-Fi from the car and no interaction is required. This unit has a GPS tracking path for every trip.

The service for 30 days is free and after that, it is 13.82$ a month.

It is made in the USA and boasts a 2500mAh battery and works with a geosensor too.


  • Claims to be 100% accurate and 100% online tamper-proof.
  • Provides free service for the first 30 days
  • Provides 2500 mAH battery life.


  • It communicates through Wi-Fi which in case if not there on some occasion will not connect.
  • User-Interface is confusing for someone who is using it for the first time.


This review below will now help my fellow buyers think about what type of car GPS tracker to buy. Also, what should one look for when buying these devices, because this would give them a head start into the world of trackers for cars. This guide may help them choose a right product of their choice.

There were different types of GPS tracking units for cars with different capabilities. Which were given in a proper manner in this guide so that a user can decide and make the right choice when buying one.


Usually, when buying a GPS tracking unit, we should look for whether the unit draws power from the car battery or need a separate battery. If the unit works with an external battery which requires regular charging, then one should look for the battery lifetime. There are units which require charging every day and some with up to 7 days of battery life. This depends on the features, accuracy, and cost of the device. So choose a unit with good battery life and also comes with the most important features you need.


Car GPS trackers work with a sim card that connects to the mobile network 24/7 which means it requires a separate subscription similar to your mobile. Subscription price varies from one device to another, the subscription price range is between 10$ to as high as 40$. Subscription price depends on the features provided by the unit such as SMS alerts, cloud data storage, real-time tracking, roaming and more which are associated with the network.


Having the ability to check the location and status of your car whenever you need is very comforting. So always go for a unit which provides you with real-time tracking capability. Users can track the unit either from the web or mobile apps suitable for the unit.


Geo-fence is one of my favorite feature in the car GPS trackers, with this feature you can set a virtual fence for a particular area. Once the device is outside this virtual fence you will be notified through SMS or app notification. This way you can track your old parents and enthusiastic teens and always be assured they are safe.


Some of the car GPS trackers are so accurate that they would add an extra feature called speed tracking. With this, the device can track the speed of the car at which it is moving and provide you with this data. This way you can track the speed at which your children are driving their cars.


Most of us have smartphones with which we can do almost all of the works we can do on a PC or Mac. Similarly, we can also track the status and position of our car directly from our smartphone. For this we either iOS or Android App for the GPS device which provides all the data on our phone. This way we can easily check the car location whenever and wherever we need with just a few clicks.


Some units have cloud data storage if in case there is a problem the data can be uploaded to the cloud data storage. With a good subscription plan depending on the device they will directly store your data in the cloud. This way users can access the past data too whenever required.


If you are a frequent traveler who travels between states or countries, then you should know that most of the GPS trackers for cars are only useful in US or country you bought the unit. So, if you want the device to work in other states in US or countries then check whether the device supports it or not.


If you are not a tech savvy person then connecting or knowing how to install a new car GPS tracker could be difficult for you. Even though you refer to the manuals and instructions there would be a lot left which you could only understand by experience. So make sure the unit is easy to install and use, you could do this by reading the reviews for the product given by other buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What should I look for when buying a perfect GPS tracker for my family?

Firstly, when buying a product which is going to be used by the entire family make sure that it has the features and is easy to understand so that everyone can use the product in cases of emergency a person from your family should know how to use a car tracker which in the case may safeguard their lives.

What type of network connection should a GPS tracker for cars generally have?

Depending on your region and the place in which you live in the type of network provided by your provider can make a big difference especially when you don’t have a high budget for a network. In such cases, it is generally advised to buy a unit with a fast and a highly supported internet such as 4G which is fast and reliable and gives the exact location when used, unlike traditional networks.

Should one look at the special features before buying a GPS tracker?

When buying a certain car tracker, a user who is ultimately going to use the product for a long period of time should ensure that the specific product has special features such as it should be small and should not have a complicated way to use, also if it has special features such as SOS which can safeguard all the elderly people who will be using the product and also features such as a teen coacher which enables a teen to learn the right ways of driving. Other than that, one should look out for the features such as to check the engine etc.

Why is there a monthly plan and is the SMS or app alerts for the product also charged by the company?

First of all, there is a monthly charge so that the users are paying for the service that is provided by the company for tracking a required car or a person and should be utilized well. The users pay for the device and not the service that is to be provided by the company itself. In such a case the SMS are charged as based on your operator and the app alerts are free as they are sent through the application.

Do the size and other capabilities of a specific model affect the usability of the product?

NO, the size and the varies models do not affect the product as sometimes some of the users prefer the product to be small and not too large according to their convenience keeping that in mind it does not harm the product performance and will still give the same results if used on a large sized version. Different models help various persons choose the required performance and features that they expect from a specific product and hence pay for it accordingly for the usage of their family and loved ones.


Thus concluding with this article I would like to say that depending on the usage and the performance that is required by the established person the recommended device should be bought and can be used by the entire family, thus making the right decision for the best car tracker.

Keeping the above points in mind if a user goes to buy a GPS tracker I am sure it will be the best of the best!

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