Best Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Nobody can deny the convenience provided by the technology. Technology flux has really reshaped the lifestyle and provided an ease that often rules over digital life. Our bikers also come in the same area, whereas bikers have also enhanced their riding experience through a lot of apps which enable the bikers from riding roads to potentially save their life.


It is also necessary for some bike riders to find a path of least resistance to cover the milestone at the earliest possible time. Waze does this task in a very efficient way, retrieves the speed information from the other Waze users in that specific area and computes the quickest path to your destination. Waze’s robotic person gives you turn by turn direction to your Bluetooth communicator in the helmet. Waze, perform efficiently at estimating arrival time for the bikers. The app is equipped with “OK Waze” voice commands in Canada, USA, and the UK that enables you to direct and deviate your destination without taking your hands off. Waze is a very good alternative for those who don’t have a motorcycle GPS device mounted.


This seems to be an app specifically build for bikers. It provides a comprehensive data on your bike performance, such as fuel mileage, service, and repair logs. It also sends a reminder of the service due date, can calculate the anticipated expenses of a trip and depicts the cost per day. Another productive killer is a display of graphs for comparing MPG vs fuel type, average speed, temperature, fuel type, and much more. You are also able to export and import the .csv file furthermore. It is meant for all the users of four and two wheels. The app enables the bikers to make their adventure cost efficient and makes the maintenance economical.


If you are heading on in an unfamiliar area, GasBuddy will direct and point you towards the cheapest gas station and points you away from higher than average stations. The app displays you the prices with different grades of gasoline. You have a good map that gives you a track to reach the gasoline station. The app has GPS to recognize the nearby station, give you a sequential form in order of price or proximity. With a simple tap, you can easily create an array of a map. This kind of map makes the bike trip more efficient by finding a gas station of lowest rate.


Storm leaves a trail of destruction. You always need to know how much it is going to rain, hail, sleet, hail, or snow. AccuWeatherautomatically locates your position and gives you the minute by minute info on weather widget that continuously runs on the display. Thus, you need not run the actual application and data is refreshed in a real time on the widget. Customize the widget, Fahrenheit or Celsius, and make a choice amidst the three widgets, which range from a small 1 x 1 inch to a larger 4 x 1 rectangular widget. Previously

Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

It enables riders to track the lap times and plot the position on the course. The app is really good with a few more tweaks. The app owns the appreciative graphics with all the features making it user-friendly. Being a biker, you can share and compare recorded session on Facebook – bestowed with an opportunity to create your own model of the bike. You can also sync between a website and mobile devices. Create your online profile with remarkable visual and also download the preregistered session. It is an app for biking lovers who evaluate their real-time performance on the track and the road.


EatSleepRide Motorcycle GPS is specifically designed for the motorcycle enthusiast. It tracks the unlimited motorcycle rides and enables you to share the ride with others. You can explore and share the best routes and can meet the nearby riders. You can also create a ride group and furthermore, you can watch all the riders on the map. You can also track speed, elevation, and lean angle. It is equipped with built-in safety with CrashLight that automatically detects the crash and sends a notification to your contacts in the event of an accident. It is the most advanced ride tracking and comprehensive app for the riders giving them experiences of sharing the love with other riders.

Fuel Monitor

Fuel monitor tracks different driving metrics such as fuel consumption, distance, speed, and drive duration. It really solves the hassle, how much you paid, and how many miles have you actually driven. Fuel monitor comes into the picture and collects the data and you easily get to know the total mileage traveled cost in real time. It is also very helpful for the people who share the burden of carpooling in a fair and accurate way. The key role of the GPS is, to track the actual distance and also it does not rely on rough estimates entered by the user.

These are some of the best apps for motorcycle riders for iOS & Android devices, also there are many more useful apps and new applications coming out regularly. Also, check our article Smartphone vs. motorcycle GPS to know which is better for your rides. If you think we miss some useful apps please let us know in comments and we will add them to our list.

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