Advantages of Using a Truck Specific GPS

Tracking company vehicles have become simple and effective through the right GPS tracking system. GPS truck tracking is becoming more common as most of the truck companies are recognizing its benefits to overcome the danger in the job. Drivers always have to endure leaving their family at home for weeks, anxiety, exhaustion, and many other predicaments that truck drivers have to face on a daily basis. Being bad weather by itself means they have to drive in the worst condition possible. Apart from this, reckless driving, sever road condition makes the job of the truck driver hazardous. A truck GPS device provides routes that are truck specific so you would never go through a road where trucks don’t fit or allowed.

Truck tracking system plays an important role in improvising the efficiency with correct coordination of assets, accurate fleet management and faster delivery times. Fleet management professional equips the truck with right tracking systems to save the cost and improve the service efficiently.

Fleet management GPS tracking allows observing the vehicles remotely, access vehicle location, a status of the unit, and direction of travel. It stops the unwanted trend and lowers the fuel usage. It successfully provides the real-time data in a very reasonable interval of time to direct the fleets efficiently.

Driver Safety 

GPS is one of the most important tools, truck driver needs on the road. Nor does this help in avoiding major traffic jams, but allow fleet managers to direct their fleets efficiently.  It ensures fleets remain on the correct routes to make the deliveries on right time. Due to the tracking system, drivers remain fully accountable for their actions and consequently, they decrease the chance of getting lost or accidentally taking more time than anticipated in one of their routes. It also gives them a chance to remain more confident, even on unfamiliar routes. Alternatively, it is also an opportunity for the drivers to keep them on schedule and enjoy their job.

Is truck navigation system a worthy investment?

With highly advanced technology, drivers are easily able to cover from point A to point B without the fear of getting lost or taking a route where the truck does not fit. Drivers do not get diverted and keep themselves focused without having to look at a map, that makes the unit really worth. Some of the biggest advantages are outlined here:

  • Safety
  • Time-Savings
  • Fuel Logging
  • Efficiency
  • Extra confidence and peace of mind

The more the driver becomes familiar with the fleet management system, the greater the chance of enhancement in the production values. Some companies also offer the award to drivers amidst the fuel consumed by them. It reinforces good behavior and boosts their morale. Quality Fleet tracking solutions give the birth to automate timesheet. You can easily compute employees work time, how much time they consume in their lunch, and when they stop working, that makes you free from manual timesheet.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

Drivers must remain compliant with regulations enabling ELDs to track the driver and vehicle in real time. Use of GPS eliminates the paper logs entirely and penalties for the non-compliance are stiff. ELD systems are designed for ease of use that comes tested and ready to integrate into your existing truck. Electronic logs take no room and do not create any storage problem. For the audit kind of work, logbooks save plenty of time. One can easily retrieve the hour of service and can be transmitted to drivers via a wireless network. The driver also records hours of services easily. ELDs integrate seamlessly with fleet tracking programming and give you simple touch interface and wireless communication to make the product more enjoyable.

GPS: Choosing the best option

There are multitudes of GPS units available to track and use in the vehicle. Production of the units comes from innumerable manufacturers, and thus different models with unique features. GPS comes into the picture by helping immature drivers to assist them in certain areas and roads, to get them where they need to be. Also, unlike a car GPS device, truck GPS devices provide only routes where trucks are allowed.

Business profits and Job Stability

Businesses that rely on vehicles installed with GPS get complete control of their fleet and experience tangible benefits, reduces unnecessary cost and increase the productivity. It is a sign of a high fuel usage. More profits mean more funds and more stable jobs. It promises job security and also the workforce remains motivated. Fleet tracking is a way to reward your workforce and filter all the bad actions that can cause serious financial loss. Many businesses also use the increased revenue to reward and support their workforce to make them cheerful always. Accurate timesheets streamline and refine the payroll process and save a lot of excessive overtime due to the timesheet fraud or unintentional mistakes.

Safety and Security

A tracking solution plays a vital role in maintaining the security of your vehicle. A hidden GPS receiver can help you in a recovery of an asset and any onboard equipment. Some GPS are equipped with features that alert you if your vehicle is used during off-hours. The Active GPS receiver transmits the data remotely to make you continuously updated at the regular interval about the whereabouts of your truck location. Real-time tracking is evidently increasing and has got a huge popularity for tracking trucks because of its huge potential in giving an on-demand-management decision.

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