6 Types of GPS Devices or Trackers

GPS is the widespread technology used for navigation & Tracking. With various devices and apps, you can pinpoint things as well as people. You can keep track of any wandering child or senior one who is disoriented in your family. You can find out dedicated GPS trackers for your pets giving you option of geofences. How is your experience when you get real-time data of your vehicles? 

GPS Navigation Devices:

Basic of Vehicle GPS Navigation Systems

  • Your device must be properly mounted so that you do not get any distraction while driving your car, bike, or truck.
  • You must be well versed with its all safety features and you should give time in having precise knowledge about the GPS Unit. Before going on a long drive you must know how to operate it.
  • Destination address must be correct and always try to know the general route first before leaving for a long drive.
  • Voice direction is always recommended and it protects you from any distraction in your driving. Even if you do not have voice application, ask the assistance of another person and do not divert your attention by looking at GPS again and again.
  • Always check for the update so that you are equipped with the latest information for your current route. Last but not the least; follow your sense first and then the navigation system.

Some of the well-tested devices on rural streets as well as freeways laden are:

  • TomTom Go Live 1535M
  • Garmin Nuvi Essentials
  • Garmin Zumo 595LM
  • Garmin Drive Luxe 51 LMT-S
  • Garmin Drive Smart 61 LMT-S

Handheld GPS:

A handheld GPS makes the hiking, hunting, and fishing safer and manageable as maps have become redundant now. GPS uses triangulation to locate your position. Triangulation is controlled by the GPS and GLONASS; both are the similar system which gives the timing transmission to calculate the accurate position. The best GPS receivers with both the systems are developed for navigation and positioning systems.

  • Garmin Foretrex
  • Garmin eXplorist
  • Garmin eTrex
  • Garmin Montana
  • Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Handheld GPS devices confirm your location and latitude in orienteering and as a backup for your compass navigation. These devices are designed to record speed and distance. Handheld GPS devices are much more effective than using a cellophane working with or without internet that makes them perfect for the toughest terrains and weather condition.

Vehicle Monitoring GPS:

To track your vehicles all the time with the notification of speed and stoppage points, you need a real-time GPS vehicle monitoring system for your car, bike, and truck. The system uses the latest updated version of Google maps, allowing you to capture points on the map. You will find panning of the map with the moving vehicle. Visualization, loading of maps is not cumbersome at all. Live tracking is easy on mobile and it is 24/7. Some of the Vehicle Monitoring GPS features are:

  • Android and iOS versions
  • Speed and Fuel Reading
  • Notifications

Below are some of the best car or vehicle GPS trackers on the market:

  • Spy Tec STI GL300
  • Motosafety OBD
  • Vectu Portable
  • MasTrack OBD
  • Optimus Real Time

Fleet Monitoring GPS:

Fleet monitoring GPS helps you to increase your fleet’s productivity, labor saving, and performance. It uses the telemetric technology that uses a crash-resistant back box. It is similar to flight box which receives wireless radiation. Telematics gives full-fledged safety to your vehicle:

  • Gives a route around the
  • Auto-dial 911 in case of an accident.
  • EV charging.

These systems are scalable that helps you give the best result for all kinds of fleets. You are able to manage the cost of your business with more or fewer vehicles. Let us check some of the best solutions:

  • Fleet Maintenance Pro
  • On fleet
  • GeoTab
  • Director Fleet Software Teletrac
  • Wialon

Pet GPS Trackers:

We all love our pets and keep on reinventing to keep them safe. GPS trackers for dogs and cats are evident in increasing popularity and can be split into two categories:

  • Radio Trackers

These trackers are part of dated technology and do not require a subscription. They have the Walkie Talkie’s Range and used by a hunting dog.

  • GPS Trackers

It gives your pet location in real time. You can easily track where your pet went during the whole day. You can also fence the area of your pet movement; you will have the real-time notification when it is beyond the desired range.

Some of the Pet GPS trackers are outlined over here:

  • The paw tracker
  • GIBI Pet Locator
  • POD 2 GPS
  • Tractive GPS Tracker

Kids/Elderly GPS Trackers:

Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementias are prone to serious injuries in their life. Disorientation and wandering can lead to serious injury and death in case of senior or child. GPS tracking devices give an opportunity to the family members to track their loved ones dealing with such kind of problems. Some of the location devices being used to track the wandering:

  • Bluewater Security
  • Comfort Zone Check-In
  • GPS Smart Sole
  • iTraq
  • Medical Safely Home
  • Mindme
  • PocketFinder
  • Project Lifesaver
  • Revolutionary Tracker
  • SafeLink

These devices really advocate the issues of disoriented seniors and wandering kids and give a real support to the community. They send alerts to caregivers if users cross the safe zone and can locate the voice command consequently. They are proved to be successful in giving timely information and reduced the potential danger for the users. They use the GPS to provide the location update in a particular interval of time.

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